Live Music Sound

Raw Live music sound is a constantly evolving technology with many large scale manufacturers developing new systems and methods to improve the sonic quality available to audiences. This development reaches from the largest festival rigs down to easily portable ‘one man band’ systems for local performances. The results are an obvious improvement in sound quality available at all price points.

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With CentreStage Technology’s constant involvement in the live sound market over the last twenty years, we are in the perfect position to evaluate products from many manufacturers and to advise customers on current trends and advancements.


Large Scale Loudspeaker Systems

Recent developments in line array technology and further refinements of point source systems have resulted in purpose designed variants combining the advantages of both. The previous thinking that line array will solve all needs is now giving way to the more considered view that each venue is a specific challenge and often for multi-venue tours, a combination of line array and point source boxes are utilised to anticipate any issues encountered. The other aspect to this advancement is that high-end line array systems are now being designed for more accurate directional control and are achieving a broader spread of applications from a single design.



Medium Scale Loudspeaker Systems

Line array manufacturers have recently introduced smaller systems to provide accurate control of smaller scale venues with difficult acoustic requirements and, as with the large scale systems mentioned above, combinations of line array and point source systems are now available to customers with smaller venues and budgets along with the manufacturing developments in point source systems achieving higher sound pressure levels (SPL’s) in smaller cabinets with improved sonic quality.



Small Portable Loudspeaker Systems

Portable, self powered systems have evolved over the last few years into very capable, sonically pleasing solutions for the small gig situation. In fact, they are so essential to today’s small performance market, that virtually every loudspeaker manufacturer has their own version on offer. We can select the most appropriate system for your requirements and supply all ancillary equipment in a fully functioning package.



Audio Processing

Analogue or digital, large or small scale and installed or touring systems all need the most appropriate processing systems to operate to their maximum potential. Both analogue and digital consoles, cabling systems and processing equipment are available for all size requirements and at CentreStage Technology we are experts in assembling equipment to suit every eventuality with co-ordinated loudspeaker processing and protection available for most systems.


CentreStage Technology is not tied to any single manufacturer, so we maintain a position of choice throughout the marketplace and its subsequent design implications We can design, specify and supply equipment capable of very high quality and high SPL along with custom assembled systems to achieve exactly what is required for any live sound situation.